The RCCE Corporation purposes and aims are to:

               · Foster good government at the local level in Rappahannock County Virginia.

a.    Stewardship of taxpayer’s dollars
b.    Accountability of local officials
c.    Transparency of county business
d.    Efficiency of operations

               · Increase the general public’s and local officials’ knowledge, understanding, and respect of:

a.    The Constitution of the United States of America
b.    The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia
c.    Various Federal Laws, Virginia statutes, and Rappahannock County Ordinances. Particularly those aimed at promoting open and honest government and due process including (without limitation):

          i. The Virginia Conflicts of Interest Act
         ii. The Virginia Procurement Act
        iii. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act
        iv. The Rappahannock County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances
         v. The Rappahannock County Comprehensive Plan

               · Provide management advice and best practices to local officials.
               · Conduct seminars and training for the general public and local officials.
               · Produce and distribute factual information to the general public.
The RCCE is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, not for the private gain of any person or other non-exempt entity. All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, are devoted to said purposes. RCCE does not look to influence legislation or campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. 

The RCCE Corporation list of members and contributors are kept confidential.